How to Benchmark Training Series

Benchmarking is the cornerstone of NYC building energy legislation.

Benchmarking allows building owners to review their annual energy & water performance metrics and compare the relative efficiency of their buildings to their personal baselines and those of similar buildings.

Local Law 84 in 2009 (amended by Local Law 133 of 2016) requires buildings greater than 25,000 square feet to annually report energy and water consumption to the City by May 1st.

Local Law 33 of 2018 (amended by Local Law 95 of 2019) calls for buildings required to benchmark who are also eligible for the ENERGY STAR score to post an Energy Efficiency Rating Label.

Free Training Opportunities

The NYC Sustainability Help Center offers FREE Benchmarking training every spring for Building Owners, Property Managers, and Energy Professionals. There are three training courses within the How to Benchmark Series to choose from. All courses are free and fully remote. Register individually or request a private class for your organization.

This is the only free training on NYC benchmarking from Start to Submission! No experience is necessary.

This How-To training will equip you with everything you need to prepare and submit your Energy and Water Benchmarking Report to NYC ahead of the annual May 1st deadline.


Benchmarking is required every year but only once a year, making it easy to forget the steps.

This special Refresher will walk you through the steps needed to submit your benchmarking data well in advance of the annual May 1st deadline.


If you have multiple buildings on a single tax lot or buildings that share utilities that require benchmarking, this class may be for you!

This Campus training will equip you with everything you need to prepare and submit your Benchmarking Report to the City of New York specifically for a Campus Property.


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