Gas Safety Training for Owners & Managers

This course is specifically designed for Building Owners and Managers.


This training will better equip you and your team to maintain a safe and secure gas system in your building(s), manage liabilities of potential gas incidents and how to comply with new regulations related to gas safety.

Cost: Free
Duration: 5 hours
Location: Online
Continuing Education: NYARM Credits

How it Works

  • 5-hour course with a one-hour Introductory Session one week prior to the course date you select.
  • This is followed by three self-paced 30-minute E-learning modules that are due over the week.
  • The course concludes with a 2 ½ hour Instructor-led discussion session on the date you selected.

NOTE: The Introductory Session, scheduled one week before the Instructor-led session, will provide instruction on how to use the Learning Management System to complete the E-Learning sections.


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